1. for mah bestty

    for mah bestty

  2. What a NEWS….

    I found Out something…maybe it’s my time to tell the truth though to her. hummp ;(

  3. Grrrrrrrrrr..

    chatting with mah evil father.

  4. Ugh..Leave me ALONE


    wala ka naman alam gawin kundi magbigay ng negative thoughts about me…u know hu u are…kelan ka magbabago?

mah precious bf.. ;p

    mah precious bf.. ;p

  6. MAh second name

    MAh second name

  7. "Nothing to do…."


Here you go...on mah own crap PAge..True name of mine is "*JANELL3 ISABEL FERRER*".. I also call myself as a.k.a. "[Iszhnelle]" ;P i was born in the Philippines..obviously that my ethnic background is FILIpino...I am 16 years of age. Ryt noW i am living at CA..Studyng at Jefferson HIgh.. at Daly CIty..I'm a Roman CAtholic..





i heart BoOKS
...not totally a bookworm though..i just want to read some books..

i heart MUSIC
.....i really really love to sing.. DO a cover wit some Peeps..of mine..jamming all the way..2 years ago when i'm at my country..i collected some CD Albums..even international cd albums..BUT... someone took it..and they didn't bring it back to me..that pisses me off..but it's ok though coz..i think someday i could buy some more of it.(i hope so)..when i'm still a kid..i am a member of a RonDAlLa CLub in my school..in fact i was their first leader..it was just a gooda-gooda memories..(sigh)..i learned also how to play some various musical instruments like guitar, banduria, octavina, keyboard/organ..

i heart ART STUFF
.... i love to paint, draw,, sketch, not a hobby though but..when i drew somethin' some people notices it...and they're gonna give me a compliment which is great!!! ;P

i heart dancing..
.....oooh-Ugh!??? am i Ryt?? (laugh)..i know i'm not a gOody-GoodY dancer..but..yeah i can dance..heehee


...i'm an emotional girl...not an "EMO"..(but yeah i do sometimes)..when someone...says anything that could broke my heart into pieces...i'm guin' to absorb it..
TRust me!!! i'm kind.."down-to-earth" gal..

When i'm at a Serious Relationxip... i DOn't mind..Sticking to 2 or more..guyZ.. ;P

oooOOohhh here's THE fuckin FAct: i am a negative thinker...i dun't have to say this but this is the real most..fact of my life huhuhu sad to say huh..but..i really do want to change that attitude..

TOtallY i Am an AMbitious ghuRL..right now i wanna finish my studies...

i'm havin' fun too,with this So-called TEENAGE LIF3!..

uhmmm some people think of me as...SHY??? YAh thats true though...i dont wanna talk so much...
i COuld talk a lot wit people i really really knew...

& BY the WAy.....
...... i really really LOVE HIM ..
{So much LOvE in THE Air.} XD